Sunday, November 27, 2011

She's crafty

I've often said I'm not crafty.  And it's true.  I don't knit, crochet, or sew, nor do I want to.  I tried to learn to embroider and abandoned it after nine minutes.  I can't paint or draw, and I frankly don't have time to think up these kinds of projects let alone execute them.

But you know what? I found a craft I can do.  I can do it with my brain tied behind my back.  It requires no skill or prior knowledge, and it can be done for almost zero dollars.  This is my kind of thing.

Start with a long string or piece of twine.  How long, you ask? However long you want.  We're making a garland.  I made one for our little tree in the basement and one to drape on the china cabinet, so neither were too long - about 5 feet each.

So anyway, you get your ____ ft long piece of string.  And you pull out all your fabric remnants, or you go to Hobby Lobby and buy a bunch of remnants or bits of sale fabric, and you're ready to go.  I had some remnants and I happened to be at Hobby Lobby so I picked up some sale Christmas fabric to add to the mix.  Total cost: $6.

Rip your fabric (or cut) into strips about an inch or two wide, and then cut them into pieces about 5 or 6 inches long.  I didn't get mine all the same size on purpose because it adds to the fullness of the garland.

Then just start tying it around the string, piece by piece, and shove them close together.  No need to knot - just one tie is good - like the first step to tying your shoes.

It takes awhile - so sit down with a couple of good movies and get busy.  I probably used three whole yards of fabric, total combined for 10 ft of garland.

That's it.  Tie fabric around a string.  Go.


momgreenreno said...

It's adorable and I have some really pretty scraps from kid quilts--You could make many!

Megan Stuke said...

Maybe Kate and I can work on one at Christmas.

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