Sunday, October 28, 2012

Baby Letter 2

Dear Baby,

My deepest apologies for my lack of letter writing.  This pregnancy, it turns out, could not be more different from my last one. Not because things are progressing any differently, really. Just because I am far more busy, and therefore more tired and distracted than I was for the first go-round.  Forgive me. I do believe your plight is very similar to many not-first children.  

Still, it's all been very fun.  People (your parents included) are, apparently, really excited that you are a girl baby.  We've been inundated already with scads of adorable clothes and I have your nursery in full-swing. I'm doing my best to avoid the usual over-kill of pink but it does seem to be happening anyway.  Even I, it seems, am succumbing to girl culture in a way I never anticipated I would.  But that is what parenting is all about.  You urchins are excellent at taking everything your parents think about themselves and the world and turning it on its proverbial ear.

Speaking of ears, yours appear to be developing perfectly, along with the rest of you.  I skipped a lot of the big prenatal testing I did with your brother, this time trusting nature to do what it does.  So far, so good.  Nice job, Baby!

We have selected a name for you: Lillian Kate.  This was a harder proposition than one would think it should be.  We wanted to outfit you with a solid name that will grow with you, but still be sweet, feminine, and pretty.  Your cousin Kate is delighted to share her name with you as well, and we are very fond of the final product. We surely hope you will be too.

This week, the internet tells me you are the size of a head of cauliflower and you weigh two pounds. I find it constantly amazing that I can be THIS HUGE and all you weigh is two itty bitty pounds.  I think I was almost this big when we delivered your brother, and I shudder to think what I will look like (and feel like) come mid-January.  Baby, you're worth it.  Your dad is ready for you to be here so he can stop waiting on me.  Stairs are no longer my friend, and I am relying heavily on the kindness of your father for my nightly ice cream and laundry-schlepping needs.

In pregnancy good news, I do not have the dreaded gestational diabetes like I did with your brother, so YAY BABY! You are very good at this and I so appreciate it.  You are a good little muffin and I'm so happy to continue to have my nightly sweets since I can't share a cocktail with your father like we used to after bedtime for Johnny.

It's going to be Halloween in a few days, and your dad and I struggled to come up with something we could be that would accommodate a big pregnant lady.  What we came up with will one day make absolutely NO SENSE to you as it is based on a fairly recent feature film that will have fallen into oblivion by the time you are lucid.  Still, your dad looks sufficiently awesome in the short shorts the costume requires and that is all that matters.

Bless your pea pickin' heart. We cannot wait to meet you.  Your brother is just as excited as we are and is telling everyone he meets that he is getting "a Lily" of his very own.

All of our love and kisses,