Monday, August 31, 2015

Johnny Letter #24

Dearest Johnny,

Today you turn 6 years old.

You love Spiderman, Batman, Power Rangers, you sister, your kitty, and me and your dad. Not necessarily in that order.

Last week,  you started kindergarten. You did it, mostly, with a shrug. After 5 years at Ballard, 3 of which I was in the building with you, you marched off to kindergarten and haven't looked back. I would have cried the morning we dropped you off but you sister was pitching a fit so there wasn't time or space for me to experience my own emotions about you standing in a new, bigger school, with a teacher I don't know and a long day ahead with no nap whatsoever.

You are the sweetest, kindest child. I'm not just saying that, either. You help with you sister, are sweet to you new kitty, who you named Lollipop without batting an eye, and freely give hugs and snuggles in between body slams and tickle fights.

This year has been tough for our family, and you've handled all the changes with your usual good attitude. To be honest, it's all probably been hardest on you, but in the midst of working out details, worrying about finances, and adjusting to "new normal" your dad and I probably haven't fully given you the opportunity to grieve, much as we've tried. Thank you, Johnny, for your loving and diplomatic spirit. We promise we will spend the rest of our lives making it up to you.

This year is the year of change. You learned to swim in the pool without a floatie. You got a big boy bike and are starting to run the neighborhood with your friends - my presence is not required. You're still a pretty picky eater, but you have learned to eat broccoli and have tried some new things, and we're not having crying episodes at the table anymore, so I'm calling it all a win.

I'm the luckiest mama in the world. You're all the things.

Happy birthday, Son. I love you.