Thursday, November 17, 2011

UNITS. Remember?

I don't post about style here very often because, well, I don't really have any.  I like to think that I once did, but the world has conspired against my style.  When you lose your waist and you're quite broke, clothes and fashion stop being fun and starts being a major pain in the patoot.  I don't have time to shop.  It's not like I can just pop into any old store and find racks and racks of stuff that I can afford AND that will look good on me.  No, it's painful.  If I find something I like, which is like finding the hope diamond in a haystack, then I pick it up and realize I can't afford it.

It's sort of nightmarish.  Thank the Baby Jesus for Old Navy.

It finally reached max density a couple of weeks ago.  I realized that I had nothing to wear for fall and winter.  When we moved I got rid of the winter clothes that were really old, faded, stretched, and gross.  Which was all of them.  I haven't bought myself anything in years, and it shows.

So I went nuts. Or, for me, nuts. I spent some money on clothes. All from Old Navy, all purchased online, almost all on sale.  It was better than Christmas the day that big bag full of wardrobe arrived.  "Maybe, I thought, just MAYBE, I won't get in trouble for looking like a homeless person at work this winter after all!!"  I bought a green wrap dress, a pair of gray pants (worn twice this week already), a white t shirt, a black t shirt, two pairs of workout pants, a long burgandy skirt, a white blouse, a grey sweater, and a black thing.  I don't know what to call the black thing.  It's a top cardigan loungewear jacket Idunno.  It's this.

And I want to have it's babies.  I need it in every color.  It is soft, excellent for warming myself in our cold basement.  It is black and not bad looking, great to throw over a top and wear to work.  I can belt it.  I can wear it to shop, wear it over a pair of jeans and a t shirt and go play poker at the neighbors', I can wear it in a house, I can wear it with a mouse.

This is the kind of thing i'm talking about, friends.  It's not thick and bulky like most sweaters, which generally bug me.  It's not boxy, also like most sweaters and cardigans.  It's not itchy, it goes with everything.  I've been wearing the hell out of it.  But then, this morning, as I threw it on my with my new grey pants and a belt over the top, I had to ask myself, "Is this just the UNITS of 2011?"  Say it ain't so.


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