Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fancy meeting you here

Oh ma gawd! This blog! It is a place where for years I painstakingly recounted the events of my life so as not to forget them.  Also, it's a baby book.  And a wedding album.  And my newsletter to my family.  And my Christmas card.  It's been faithful and true, better than a dog in many ways.  I mean, it doesn't track mud on my freshly cleaned floors, or leave its turds just any old place.

And look! I have abandoned it!

I sowwy, blog.

I did sort of space out on Nablopomo which makes me a little bit sad, but here's the thing.  (I have many excuses.  Thankfully, I don't have many assholes.  Just the one.)  Every month is pretty much Nablopomo for me.  Between blogging for Lawrence.com and for Wellcommons and the occasional post here, I'm blogging *almost* every day anyway.

But still, I did really enjoy the exercise of forcing myself to blog EVERY. DAY.  I daresay, it is the only thing in my entire life for which I have been able to muster such discipline for a period of more than three days.

So, while I'm not nanning or blowing (gitcher mind outta the gutter) or po'ing or mo'ing my way through November, I am going to make an effort to visit this space more often.  


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