Monday, January 30, 2012

Lunches, and other dull topics.

Week one ended on Friday, and friends, I dropped 7 lbs - enough to make my jeans loose.

And then I celebrated with a basket of homemade chips at Mequisito and two margaritas.  Oops.

Back on that horse, yesterday I was under my point count and today I intend to be as well.

A few tips of late:

Local Veggie Burger Saves Lunch

Hilary's Eat Well is a local Lawrence, KS company.  Their veggie burger is 4 pts and their spicy adzuki burger is 3.  Sara Lee Healthy Heart Whole Wheat Buns are 3 Points Plus. I only eat the bottom half, for 1 point.  With some spicy mustard and onion, it's a tasty lunch.  Because it's so low point anyway, I even added a piece of provolone cheese for 3 points.  A bit of dairy (they want you to have it) and added deliciousness.  7 points for a "burger" with cheese - NOT BAD.  I had a bowl of tomato spinach soup (zero points) and a bunch of steamed veggies (also zero) with it.  Filling 7 point lunch.  Easily could have been only 4 had I opted out of cheese.

Margaritas are the DEVIL

Restaurant margaritas are full of an unmentionable amount of points.  Like, 9 or something.  Lordy.  Drink your margs at home, 2 pts.  Fill glass with ice.  One shot of tequila, fill with Diet Sprite, a few shakes of margarita flavored Crystal Lite. (can get the Wal Mart brand )

No, they're not the same, but you can have 10 of them for the same number of points as the two I had on Friday night at Mesquisito.  QUANTITY, people. ;)

Bananas Feel Like Cheating

I know bananas are zero points, but they are so good and filling, I feel like I shouldn't be having them.  I'm trying to keep it to one a day, but I love them so.

Free State Brewing Company

It's hard to eat out, but the Copperhead Chicken Tenders at Free State are yummy and pretty decent - not to mention filling. If you just have the chicken and sauce, it's 8 points.  If you eat the onion strings it's another 5.  Maybe just eat half of them?

Carry on.


Brenna Hawley said...

Love that you're writing about this! I've been doing WW since Labor Day weekend, and it's REALLY worked so far. But eating out is by far the hardest. I tend to estimate upwards just to make sure I don't go over. But that veggie burger sounds like an excellent idea...

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