Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Yesterday, for the first time since starting WW ten days before, I wanted a bit of sweet.  The notion rarely strikes me, so when it calls, I try to answer.

I was at work, so the cafeteria was my only option, and I thought pretty hard about what to have.  I had points to spare, but I like to come in "under" if I can, so i didn't want to go big and blow like ten points on an ice cream bar from the freezer.

I decided on an itty bitty cup of soft serve ice cream.  That way, I could control the portion size.  I sprinkled a few chopped peanuts on top and a tiny bit of lemon syrup.  I think the whole thing was just a point.  Two, tops.

This, I believe, is the way to go.  Rather than settle for some "fake" dessert, or eat something that isn't really what you want in order to satisfy a craving, just have a tiny bit of the real thing.  I took it back to my desk to eat, and it was just right. I was satisfied (I think it was only four or five bites), I wasn't tempted to go back for more, and I could put the whole "sweet" thing behind me for another week.



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