Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2 People

There are two people inside of me.

One writes lists and congratulates herself for accomplishing so many tasks in a day.
The other one puts things off and defiantly sticks out her tongue at "trivial" things.

One resents everyone who judges, who compares, who thinks they know "the best way".
The other one is thankful for them, and how they motivate her to do a little better at some of those aforementioned tasks.

One person inside me is an uncompromising feminist who wants to march for equal pay.
The other person inside me would like to be a stay at home mom and perfect a bread recipe.

One of the people inside me cares deeply about her appearance and wants to diet, work out, get expensive haircuts and facials, buy a great wardrobe
The other person inside me is practical, and couldn't really care less.

One person loves pets, mess be damned.
The other has new furniture and hates sweeping the floor.

One person wants to go out, see and be seen, run amok.
The other wants to snuggle under the blanket and watch reruns of Law and Order forever.

We are exhausting.


Anonymous said...

I (we) understand, but have never been able to put it so poeticallu, thanks for sharing.

Dahlia said...

Love it!

Jodi Schendel said...

I agree with everything. I think you were writing about me - until I got to the bread recipe. I have never wanted to do that.

James said...
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