Monday, January 23, 2012

Recipe planning

This is harder than it looks. ;)  I have a hungry meat-and-potatoes husband to keep happy!

Tonight:  Vegetable beef soup. I think I can make this pretty much according to my usual recipe.  Mr. Meat and Potatoes can have a grilled cheese sandwich to fill him up.

Tomorrow:  Chicken enchiladas.  Mission corn tortillas are only 2 points, and I will use 2 percent cheese and lots of chili sauce.  Maybe throw an egg on.  I think I can do it for about 10 points for 2 enchiladas.  Put a salad on the side, I should be good.

Wednesday: Maybe we'll eat leftovers.

Thursday: I'm going to drop Johnny with my mom at Mc Donalds in Emporia so he can spend the weekend with her.  Curses!!  What do I do? I'll be starving.  I'll have to go check out their menu and see what my options are.


Lindsey said...

OK, WW crazy lady here. :)

Get the bacon ranch salad with grilled chicken. You can ask for light ranch, and put it on the side. Dip your fork in it, then the'll be surprised at how much less you use!

On the old points, the whole salad with no dressing is 5pts. The ranch is like 4, but if you only use half, it's 2. So that is 7 (on the old plan..point plus is a bit more, but still pretty good!) If you want a treat, get a vanilla ice cream cone...on old points, they are 3. Salad and a treat for 10 points!

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