Friday, December 7, 2012

Baby 2, Letter 4

Dear Baby,

We had another sonogram last week, you and I.  One of the few perks of being such an antique mommy is the plentiful sonograms they reward you with in these late-in-life pregnancies.  I am loving the regular opportunities to see your little face, and by the way, thanks a bunch for being cooperative this time.  We got some nice profile shots and one good 3D view of you.  Last time you pouted, facing my spine and refusing to say "Cheese" for the camera, so again, thanks for this recent one.  You were a very good baby, indeed.

You're transverse, which means you are laying across my belly instead of head down like you are supposed to be. I suppose it must be my fault - your brother spent the majority of his gestational time in the same position.  It doesn't really matter, since we have a scheduled c-section planned, so you just go ahead and lay however you dang well please.

I saw on the sonogram that you have some hair.  No offense, Baby, but that kind of freaks me out.  And today I was sitting in a co-workers office and you started kicking so hard that my belly looked like a piece of  Christmas ribbon candy in motion.  Also, a little freaky - moreso for my co worker than myself, but still.  Even on this second go 'round I'm often stunned by the alien quality of the whole thing.  THERE IS A WHOLE PERSON INSIDE OF ME.  That is weird.  You might understand what I  mean someday if you decide to make another person of your own.

I'm excited that you're a girl. At every sonogram I plead with the sonographers. "It IS a girl, right? I mean, is there a chance you have screwed this up?"  They dutifully roll their eyes and show me your girl parts AGAIN. Not that I have anything against having a boy baby, but at this point, I'm totally married to the girl idea.  I've got the pink nursery and I've started thinking about hair and most of all I look forward so much to having a girl in the house to talk to and share secrets with.  No pressure, Baby, but I plan for you to be my BFF, so get ready.  I've got your grandma, Aunt, and Honorary Aunt Lindsey all lined up to come and help me out after you are born your dad goes back to work. It's gonna be girl HEAVEN up in here.

We're getting close, Baby. Almost too close. I hope to finish off the nursery this weekend, and I think I've collected all the necessary items.  We have Christmas pretty much under control, so come Monday all I have to focus on is wrapping up my job so I can enjoy sitting around and holding you and doing little else for several months.

It's the most fun Christmas season EVER, preparing for such an awesome gift to come right after the holiday, - a little belated but a sweeter package never existed.

I love you more than cookies, kittens, and fuzzy slippers.



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