Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On my last day

I can't really say that, until this job, I've had a job in my adult life that I liked.

I mean, I've had some jobs that were good in some ways, but never where I felt like I fit in, or was appreciated, or didn't have butterflies in my stomach half the time.  Much of that was my own fault; I was too  preoccupied with the non-work parts of my life to focus well on my job, or I was too immature to play the game properly.

But at LMH, that all fell away.  Even though the job was certainly not taking advantage of my education or my special skill set, I felt happy.  I didn't dread going to work.  I adored my co workers and appreciated my bosses.  I grew in my role and when it got dull I took on new projects and was able spread my wings a little. I enjoyed learning about healthcare, a field about which I knew absolutely zero when I began there, as a temp, in 2008.  I liked talking construction and having a staff of mostly men.  They're easy to work with and generally agreeable and straight in their talk.

And so, today, I go to my favorite job I've ever had for the very last time, and I carry the last of my belongings out to my car with me when I leave.  It's time for me to move on, use my degrees, skills, and special talents.  It's time for me to set my career back on track and take on a more challenging and advanced role.  But it's not without sadness that I do so.  How lucky I have been to know the people that care for the sick in our community.  How enriching it has been to learn the seriousness with which they handle their tasts, and the love they have for each patient.  How fun it has been to laugh daily with all the people in my "basement family."

I have grown as an employee and a person.  I'm ready.  And I'm grateful for the last four years and the confidence they've given me.  No way would I be ready for this new job if it weren't for this little "career interlude" I've enjoyed.


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