Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh, TV. Let's dance and then have a baby or two.

Sometimes I just need to talk about television.

Once upon a time I had some TV junkie friends with whom I could rehash every week's offerings, but alas, there are many obstacles to my tv chatter these days.  Some friends have gotten rid of cable and choose to do better things with their time.  What better things, I do not know, but these people are clearly superior to me.  Some friends never did watch tv, instead choosing to communicate with their husbands and/or read books.  Also, I used to go to a bar at least once a week wherein I would meet up with fellow tv-watching friends and rehash LOSTProjectRunwayMadMenHowIMetYourMotherTrueBloodTheOfficeTheSopranosTopChef or whatever happened to be airing in that particular season.  But now I'm lucky if I hit happy hour once a month.  I just don't see the people often enough to talk about tv.  So I'm going to start doing it here.  This is probably as boring for most people as it is when I tell about my dreams (Vincent D'Onofrio! Before he got fat! We wore paper hats!) or what I ate for lunch.

I don't care.

So right now I'm totally into the following:

Modern Family
American Horror Story
Boardwalk Empire
The Office
Project Runway
And yes, The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  And yes, I know the season is over but I have yet to watch the reunion show.

I know this seems like a lot.  It sort of is.  But if you add it up and remove the commercials, which we do, it amounts to about five and a half hours a week.  That is about right - about an hour a night during the week, after Johnny goes to bed.  Sue me.  It's my brain candy.

I might just do a post on each one and why I love it.  Feel free to stop reading this for the next week or two.


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