Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Old blogs never die, they just go into hiding.

My old blog went away.

It is a long and painful story. I may tell it someday, but it's not likely.

I am working on retrieving the material from said old blog, but in the meantime, I miss my blog. I write for Lawrence.com and also Wellcommons and both of those are satisfying endeavors for different reasons, but they are very public blogs, ones for which I am paid and ones for which I need to reach a wide audience in our local paper.

I can't write about just *anything* there. I can't always write how I want to or about what I want to or when I want to.

So I'm back here. Hopefully my smart IT-type friends and I can transform this space back into a decent-looking home for what I like to do, which is go on ad nauseum about how cute my baby is and how much I hate my hair and what I ate for every meal this week.

No one said you had to read it.

Anyway, for now, I'm back. Here.


Gallery32 said...

Yay! I miss your old blog. Thought you had given it up. If you need any help let me know ;)

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