Thursday, November 7, 2013

Baby 2, Letter 12

Dear Lily,

Your hair is really something.  Let's just talk about the fact that I have given you three, count them - THREE - haircuts, since you were born, the last one so significant that I had to attempt to use some sort of haircutting technique to remove your formidable mullet.  But now?  Oh my, is that hair cute.  Let this be a lesson to you.  Everyone told me not to cut it, but I did it anyway, because that is how your mother is.  I cannot help myself.  Most things, I just go ahead and do, against the better judgement of most of the world.  Sometimes, they turn out great, like your hair.  Sometimes, not so much.  It's never boring.

You like your brother a lot.  You light up and laugh for him far more than you do anyone else.  I try not to be jealous, but seriously, does he get up with you in the middle of the night or wipe your boogars on his sleeve? I didn't think so.  Still, it's nice you're friends.  Let's keep it that way.

You're crawling super fast (almost creepy fast) and pulling up on stuff and hey, why don't you just go ahead and walk so I can bring you to The Ballard Center with me on your first birthday? You can't come if you aren't walking and I can't tell you how much it delights me to think of having both of my babes there at work with me all day.  Sorry, Ballard Center. I will try to accomplish tasks in between rounds of hugs and kisses and hair petting.  No promises.

We're going to your Grammy's house tomorrow to see your Aunt Amy and Cousin Kate (she whom you are named after) and your brother is so excited he can't sleep.  He might be more excited tonight than he was the night before Halloween, which I thought was unparalleled Johnny excitement, but Halloween ain't got nothin on Grammy plus cousins.  It's off the chain.  One day I am sure you will understand.  The kids?  They love their Grammy.  She makes all of the favorite things and puts Max and Ruby on a continuous loop and there are PETS.  Did I mention PETS?  This is a coveted situation, seeing as your mother and father have made a NO PETS rule that seems to have stuck for almost 3 years now.  WINNING!

You are big into the Patty Cake scene right now and close behind it is the world of Waving Bye Bye.  We've been working hard on your Blow Kisses talent which is coming along nicely and maybe next week we'll introduce So Big to your repertoire and then BOOM, Baby, you're taking this act on the road.  I'm sure people would probably just pay to look at you but with these added bonuses?  We will sell this thing out.  You can patty cake like NO BABY BEFORE YOU.  Or at least like most of the other babies, and it's stinking cute regardless.

I feel like the parent of the year because I have conquered cutting your fingernails.  I haven't done this in over four years, when I tried once - ONCE - to cut your brother's nails and nicked him.  Never again.  Your Grandma Barbara did it ever since, but I decided I was going to climb the fingernail mountain and face my fears, and dang if you aren't accomodating.  It's the only time you ever sit still, but somehow you know that if your mother is wielding a sharp object near your body, you best cooperate.  Smart Lily.

You are charming and sparkly and all claps and smiles.  Your big brown eyes are the center of my world.  Bless your pea-pickin' heart.




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