Sunday, August 5, 2012

Baby 2, Letter 1

Dear Baby,

You are 15 weeks "old" at this point.  I've felt good so far, all things considered.  I mean, considering I started a challenging new job when you had only been in there for 8 weeks, and considering that your brother Johnny is all 3 year old boy and is therefore actively attempting to destroy our home.

Speaking of  Johnny, on his birthday, August 31, we will go have a fancy sonogram to learn what you are. I  mean, we know you are a baby and not a puppy, but we don't know if you are a girl or a boy and frankly, your mother is a control freak and I cannot adequately obsess over this pregnancy and planning for your arrival if I do not know if you are a girl child or a boy one.

Which leads me to my next issue: names.  We have been discussing names ad nauseum, and your daddy and I are having a hard time settling on anything.  I have my favorites for girl and boy and he has his, and never the twain shall meet.  I'm hoping that finding out once and for all if you have girl parts or boy ones will help us narrow the discussion and finally put it all to rest.  Just rest assured, Baby, that you will not end up with a name like Truxton or Diesel or Applyn.  We  love you far too much already to saddle you with such nonsense.  However, it has been tempting to assign you the name "Sue" whether you are a boy or a girl, for we love Johnny Cash that much.

I can't wait for that stinking sonogram.  With Johnny, we got to see him often and early, and knew he was a boy before the 15 week mark, because I obsessively submitted to all manner of genetic testing because I am so very old to be having children.  But it was a very un-fun process and ultimately resulted in no very useful information, so with you, we're just throwing caution to the wind.  You, Baby, are healthy and perfect, no matter what is going on in there, and I have no desire to go testing and prodding you before it's necessary.  Hence, no early sonograms and no early gender detection this time.  Bummer, that.

We love you with all our hearts and can't wait to meet you.  It seems like an eternity until January 22, but really it's only six months away.  Not that much time, considering we have to not only prepare your room but also prepare our minds for being "those" people - the ones who schlep not one but TWO kids and all their infernal gear with us everywhere we go.

Please don't weigh a lot.

All our love,


4everdownsizing said...

A very honest and loving note to Baby #2.
I am so relieved you have a "2 seater" stroller. Phew!

Megan Stuke said...

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